Learn about specific policies for EverQuest including Recruitment, Guild Ranks, and Guild Bank procedures.


Code of Conduct

Amiticia et Delectatio was built on the foundation of respect - both for the people who play the game and the rules of the game.  While EverQuest is a game, it is much more in that it is an over two-decade-old experience and a collection of communities, including our guild. 

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Policies & Structure

We aim to keep Amiticia et Delectatio (AeD) as a fun-loving guild of friends who enjoy learning, exploring, questing, and helping others.  Our policies will be kept minimal and serve as guidelines for areas where boundaries and defined processes are required.  While not everything specific area may be covered, all actions within the guild or made by guild members will be assessed by our three main principles:  RespectCourtesyFavor.

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